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★ unfortunate news

I haven't been active as an iconist here as of late. I am still iconning, but not as often. This community is dead and I've moved onto gagazet to be with estellise. So, if you're still interested in my graphics, please watch gagazet. I'm sorry for the inconvenience with the moving. I am going to leave this comm open and undeleted so people can still look through it for arche and my icons.

My recent icons can be found here!
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So long for now

I've been actually thinking about this for awhile, even before this place hit up 200 plus watchers but I my interest in icon making right now isn't really as frequent as it used to be. I've been making icons myself for a few years, every time I say they weren't great but I still made them because there was just a few of you guys who still enjoyed them regardless and those nice comments everyone put down haha.

Not to go a long story short, I've actually have no time to be on the computer much to make icons and as thus the unmotivation. If I did, it'd be like one every other 3 weeks ahaha. So I'm calling a semi-retirement. It might just be the summer that's bumming both lymle and I, thus you haven't seen any activity from the both of us as often as before, when we opened meganefu. I might come back to iconning in the near future though, but I'm not so sure.

As for lymle, she's still around but not so much because she is currently tackling life herself but she did promise a icon post sometime soon. Please support her all you can and keep watching meganefu!♥
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Most of you here are for lymle's graphics but it's still AWESOME. THOUGH lymle and I have been kinda dead with iconning. She's busy with school/life and I'm busy with life myself and hardly get time on the computer at all to make anything ahahahaha.

BUT ANYWAY, I don't know what to do for this momentous occasion but keep a look out?♥

Thanks again for the support! ;)
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♕ 035

mikan is currently on a hiatus and has icon block, so you won't be seeing some updates from her for a little while.

As for me: I don't believe I'll ever get around to even do the requests that you guys put up for me. Sorry. :( I just don't feel it. Maybe some other time, yes? I'm very sorry about that. but that's how it is.

pokemon, shugo chara!, & toradora!.
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star ocean: the last hope, tales of vesperia, rune factory (series), toradora, yu-gi-oh 5d's, rainie yang, chen qiao en, vicky zhao wei, brown sugar macchiato, & peter pan.
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(no subject)

Another meme? I knooow. I have finals this week and am half dead from studying e_e; So you won't be seeing icons until this week is over. Probably.
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(no subject)

Hey everyone, I'm just here to say that we have meganefu at dreamwidth (click here). You can watch our entries there as well if you want. I'm going to crosspost in both of them thanks to the option that dreamwidth offers ♥. So, we're not leaving you - no worries.
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This batch is all over random/crazy/bright/ugly and i'm not even gunna crosspost so i'll just leave it here..........

37 MISC. FANDOMS: Eden of the East, Eternal Sonata, NANA, Ouran Host Club, Skip Beat, Gintama, Macross Frontier, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney(all ema skye), Sengoku Basara, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Rune Factory
+2 banners (NANA & Eternal Sonata)

this is a preview.....

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